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Red Angus Calves for Sale:

5RR Parson 347K - RAAA# 4696509
BJF PAR 7022 x Badlands Opportunity x Red Fine Line Mulberry
Dam:  OCC Sassy Scarlet F3
BD:  12/15/22, BWT 85 lbs., Wean Date: 06/15/23             

5RR Primo 348L - RAAA# 4716475
BJF PAR 7022 x Brown BLW Fantastic x LSF Takeover 9943W
Dam:  Brown Ms Fantastic G506
BD:  1/3/23, BWT 90 lbs., Wean Date: 07/03/23             

5RR Tobasco 349L - RAAA# 4738365
Hot Sauce x LSF Takeover 9943W x LJC Mission Statement P27
Dam:  Brown M Takeover B569
BD:  03/20/23, BWT 85 lbs., Wean Date: 09/20/23             

5RR Rose 350L - RAAA# 4738367
Hot Sauce x Bieber Hard Drive x Basin Future Direction 6310
Dam:  Bieber Rose 591D
BD:  03/23/23, BWT 85 lbs., Wean Date: 09/23/23             

5RR Hallie 351L - RAAA# 4739921
Hot Sauce x LSF MEW X-Porter 6695D x Brown Revelation P7021
Dam:  5RR Ms X-Porter 174G
BD:  04/01/23, BWT 95 lbs., Wean Date: 09/30/23             

5RR Holly 352L - RAAA# 4742231
Hot Sauce x 5L Independence 560-298Y x Glacier Logan 210
Dam:  Brown Ms Independence D730
BD:  04/12/23, BWT 85 lbs., Wean Date: 10/12/23             

5RR Hank 353L - RAAA# 4742233
Hot Sauce x WFRA Mr Misunderstood x Northline Fat Tony
Dam:  Northline May 3H
BD:  04/12/23, BWT 85 lbs., Wean Date: 10/12/23             

5RR Hank 354L - RAAA# 4743877
Hot Sauce x Northline Revival x Northline Fat Tony
Dam:  Northline Goldie 5G
BD:  04/22/23, BWT 85 lbs., Wean Date: 10/22/23             

5RR Hank 355L - RAAA# 4750927
Hot Sauce x BJF Par 7022E x RABR Made Right
Dam:  5RR Made Right 175G
BD:  05/01/2023, BWT 80 lbs., Wean Date: 10/31/2023             

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