KJHT Power Take Off
Red Soo Line Power Eye x Northline Fat Tony

RAAA Registration#  3525459

Semen Sire - Owned by: Hannah Taylor, L 83 Ranch, Blairs Ag, 


  • 2019 Red Angus National Grand Champion Bull, 2018 National Western Stock Show Reserve Grand Champion, 2015 NAILE Grand Champion.

  • Son of Power Eye 161X who has been siring outsttanding progeny acros the Red Angus Breed

  • Grand sire is Red Northline Fat Tony the 2011 U.S. National Grand Champion Bull

  • Explosive Muscle, Rib Shape and Movement

  • Perfect Phenotype and Problem Free Generational Stacking

Red Northline Tucker 54E
Northline Atlantic City x CRSL Goldmaster

RAAA Registration#  3993222

Semen Sire - Owned by:   Northline Angus, TC Reds, North Country Angus

  • 2020 Forth Worth Stock Show Grand Champion Red Angus Bull 

  • The Hottest New Canadian Outcross Bull to come out of the Northline Angus Program

  • Sired by the performance king Red Northline Atlantic City

  • Curve bending growth from a 78 lb birth weight to a 783 lb weaning weight.

  • Safe to use on heifers

Bieber Roosevelt x Bieber Boone

RAAA Registration#  1436844

Semen Sire - Owned by: Thistle Ridge Ranch, Silver Spur Ranch, and Bieber Red Angus

  • High Selling Bull in Bieber Red Angus 2012 Production Sell.

  • He has great thickness and a deep flank

  • Rollin Deep is a sire with a superior phenotype, and whose pedigree is known for producing powerful cattle, with exceptional feet, udders and fleshing ability 

  • His progeny are balanced cattle with the ability to breed back, stay sound and productive for the long haul.

Northline Crush x Northline Ignition

RAAA Registration#  1683301



  • Champion Bull at Farmfair International (2015), Fort Worth Stock Show (2016), Houston Stock Show (2016)

  • He can be used on a wide range of cattle, regardless of type or style

  • Will add performance genetics that will contribute to daily gain. 

  • Has excellent feet and hip structure

  • Has excellent hair coat with a deep dark cherry red

Bieber Brave E573
Bieber Spartacus x Andras Fusion

RAAA Registration#  3761665

Semen Sire - Owned by:  Bieber Red Angus Ranch, ST Genetics


  • Brave blew the doors off his contemporary group for growth and muscle reflected in a Gridmaster index in the Top 3% of the breed.

  • Brave is as soggy, deep and wide as they come with incredible body mass that compares to Rollin Deep.

  • He is an ET son sired by Bieber Spartacus who was the high selling bull at the 2014 Bieber Red Angus Ranch out of Bieber's favorite Andras Fusion daughter.

LJC Lancer x Holden Hi Ho

RAAA Registration#  960383

Semen Sire - Owned by: Croissant Red Angus, R A Brown Ranch, Genex Cooperative, Inc., and Two Bit Ranch


  • Mission Statement excels in both performance and carcass merit along with extreme body depth and rib shape

  • He is a sound structured bull with 6 EPD traits in the top 10% of the Red Angus Breed inclusive of a top 1% in Ribeye Area and a top 3% in Gridmaster Index.

Red Cockburn Ribeye x Red Geis Knight Hawk

RAAA Registration#  1406779

Semen Sire - Owned by: Halpain, Denton, Blairs AG Cattle Company, Lanigan, SK (Canada), J-6 Inc, Reg#  1406779, Can# 1572580


  • The $76,000 bull from the 2015 Mile High Classic Red Angus Auction

  • The most famous son of Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U.

  • Power Eye has produced numerous high sellers, herd sires, and show winning progeny

  • Power Eye produces stout, high performing cattle with an abundance of quality and power.

Red Compass Mulberry x Silveiras Redford

RAAA Registration#  1151261

Semen Sire - Owned by:  Brylor Ranch, Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada's Pioneer Red Angus Breeder


  • Two times Canadian National Grand Champion Bull, Two time Canadian Gold Show "Bull of the Year".

  • Mulberry sires outstanding progeny that have moderate birth weights, low maintenance, and are easy fleshing cattle.

LSF Night Calver 9921W
Messmer Packer x Feddes Big Sky

RAAA Registration#  1368797 

Semen Sire - Deceased, Previously Owned by:  Ludvigson Stock Farm and Rhodes Red Angus

  • Sired by breed leader Messmer Packer S008 out of a Big Sky R9 cow.

  • Night Calver is the product of blending several impact herd sires.  

  • Night Calver is a calving ease specialist without sacrificing growth and strong carcass characteristics. 

  • Night Calver sires some of the most attractive progeny in the business with that deep dark red coat color and exceptional structural correctness

  • Sire of the $75,000 Ludvigson 2013 Spring Sale Topper.

Andras In Focus x Andras Thunder

RAAA Registration#  1506931

Semen Sire - Owned by: ABS Global, Inc, Andras Stock Farm, Collier Diamond C Ranch

  • Elite calving ease potential with strong growth, marbling and maternal traits

  • Wide bodied, deep ribbed and heavy muscled

  • Outcross pedigree featuring the proven  maternal and docility leader IN FOCUS

  • Progeny are moderate in stature, thick made, deep bodied and soft sided - with a super disposition

Buf Crk The Right Kind x LSF Sand Hills

RAAA Registration#  1651711

Semen Sire - Owned by: Pieper Red Angus, Glass Ranch Red Angus, Power Plus Genetics

  • One of the best carcass bulls in the country, plus a low birth weight with big performance numbers

  • Produces cattle with tremendous volume, muscle and body length

  • Breed leading EPDs with both weaning and yearling weights in the top one percent of the breed.

  • Perfect disposition

LSF Takeover x Beckton Nebula

RAAA Registration#  1683223

Semen Sire - Owned by: Beef Group International, Emerald Earth Cattle Co, Shieldknight Land & Cattle, Henderson Red Angus

  • Profitbuilder is ideal for cattlemen who appreciate performance and carcass quality without sacrificing structure and eye appeal.

  • Profitbuilder owns the Red Angus EPD database with an unmatched set of performance traits and profitability indexes

  • He has a long- body, smooth-made phenotype, sound structure and large testicles

  • The #2 registration sire in the breed in 2018, Profitbuilder progeny have been well received with high selling daughters and sons


WFL Merlin x LSF Prospect

RAAA Registration#  3775477

Semen Sire - Owned by:  Wedel Red Angus, ABS Global, Inc

  • Outcross pedigree with one of the most interesting EPD profiles of any sire in the breed

  • Ranks in the top 1% of the breed for 3 EPD traits or indexes, and top 10% for an additional 5 EPD's

  • Moderate framed, long bodied, good footed individual with an outstanding disposition

PIE Stockman x Andras Fusion

RAAA Registration#  3751659

Semen Sire - Owned by:  Millsprings Ranch, CL Red Angus, Bieber Red Angus

  • An outcross pedigree with an opportunity to make multi-trait improvement and add phenotype in one package.

  • Modest Calving Ease prospect that offers elite maternal value with added performance and growth.

  • He is long-bodied with added depth of rib and excellent feet.

  • Individual ratios of 131 for IMF, 129 for Ribeye and 116 ADG in the Bieber herd

  • One of the best Stockman sons to date and stems from the powerful Adelle cow line