KJHT Power Take Off
Red Soo Line Power Eye x Northline Fat Tony

RAAA Registration#  3525459

Semen Sire - Owned by: Hannah Taylor, L 83 Ranch, Blairs Ag, 


  • 2019 Red Angus National Grand Champion Bull, 2018 National Western Stock Show Reserve Grand Champion, 2015 NAILE Grand Champion.

  • Son of Power Eye 161X who has been siring outsttanding progeny acros the Red Angus Breed

  • Grand sire is Red Northline Fat Tony the 2011 U.S. National Grand Champion Bull

  • Explosive Muscle, Rib Shape and Movement

  • Perfect Phenotype and Problem Free Generational Stacking

Bieber Brave E573
Bieber Spartacus x Andras Fusion

RAAA Registration#  3761665

Semen Sire - Owned by:  Bieber Red Angus Ranch, ST Genetics


  • Brave blew the doors off his contemporary group for growth and muscle reflected in a Gridmaster index in the Top 3% of the breed.

  • Brave is as soggy, deep and wide as they come with incredible body mass that compares to Rollin Deep.

  • He is an ET son sired by Bieber Spartacus who was the high selling bull at the 2014 Bieber Red Angus Ranch out of Bieber's favorite Andras Fusion daughter.

Red Northline Tucker 54E
Northline Atlantic City x CRSL Goldmaster

RAAA Registration#  3993222

Semen Sire - Owned by:   Northline Anugs

  • The Hottest New Canadian Outcross Bull to come out of the Northline Angus Program

  • Sired by the performance king Red Northline Atlantic City

  • Curve bending growth from a 78 lb birth weight to a 783 lb weaning weight.

  • Safe to use on heifers

Northline Crush x Northline Ignition

RAAA Registration#  1683301



  • Champion Bull at Farmfair International (2015), Fort Worth Stock Show (2016), Houston Stock Show (2016)

  • He can be used on a wide range of cattle, regardless of type or style

  • Will add performance genetics that will contribute to daily gain. 

  • Has excellent feet and hip structure

  • Has excellent hair coat with a deep dark cherry red

Bieber Roosevelt x Bieber Boone

RAAA Registration#  1436844

Semen Sire - Owned by: Thistle Ridge Ranch, Silver Spur Ranch, and Bieber Red Angus

  • High Selling Bull in Bieber Red Angus 2012 Production Sell.

  • He has great thickness and a deep flank

  • Rollin Deep is a sire with a superior phenotype, and whose pedigree is known for producing powerful cattle, with exceptional feet, udders and fleshing ability 

  • His progeny are balanced cattle with the ability to breed back, stay sound and productive for the long haul.

LJC Lancer x Holden Hi Ho

RAAA Registration#  960383

Semen Sire - Owned by: Croissant Red Angus, R A Brown Ranch, Genex Cooperative, Inc., and Two Bit Ranch


  • Mission Statement excels in both performance and carcass merit along with extreme body depth and rib shape

  • He is a sound structured bull with 6 EPD traits in the top 10% of the Red Angus Breed inclusive of a top 1% in Ribeye Area and a top 3% in Gridmaster Index.

Red Cockburn Ribeye x Red Geis Knight Hawk

RAAA Registration#  1406779

Semen Sire - Owned by: Halpain, Denton, Blairs AG Cattle Company, Lanigan, SK (Canada), J-6 Inc, Reg#  1406779, Can# 1572580


  • The $76,000 bull from the 2015 Mile High Classic Red Angus Auction

  • The most famous son of Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U.

  • Power Eye has produced numerous high sellers, herd sires, and show winning progeny

  • Power Eye produces stout, high performing cattle with an abundance of quality and power.

Red Compass Mulberry x Silveiras Redford

RAAA Registration#  1151261

Semen Sire - Owned by:  Brylor Ranch, Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada's Pioneer Red Angus Breeder


  • Two times Canadian National Grand Champion Bull, Two time Canadian Gold Show "Bull of the Year".

  • Mulberry sires outstanding progeny that have moderate birth weights, low maintenance, and are easy fleshing cattle.

LSF Night Calver 9921W
Messmer Packer x Feddes Big Sky

RAAA Registration#  1368797 

Semen Sire - Deceased, Previously Owned by:  Ludvigson Stock Farm and Rhodes Red Angus

  • Sired by breed leader Messmer Packer S008 out of a Big Sky R9 cow.

  • Night Calver is the product of blending several impact herd sires.  

  • Night Calver is a calving ease specialist without sacrificing growth and strong carcass characteristics. 

  • Night Calver sires some of the most attractive progeny in the business with that deep dark red coat color and exceptional structural correctness

  • Sire of the $75,000 Ludvigson 2013 Spring Sale Topper.

Andras In Focus x Andras Thunder

RAAA Registration#  1506931

Semen Sire - Owned by: ABS Global, Inc, Andras Stock Farm, Collier Diamond C Ranch

  • Elite calving ease potential with strong growth, marbling and maternal traits

  • Wide bodied, deep ribbed and heavy muscled

  • Outcross pedigree featuring the proven  maternal and docility leader IN FOCUS

  • Progeny are moderate in stature, thick made, deep bodied and soft sided - with a super disposition

Buf Crk The Right Kind x LSF Sand Hills

RAAA Registration#  1651711

Semen Sire - Owned by: Pieper Red Angus, Glass Ranch Red Angus, Power Plus Genetics

  • One of the best carcass bulls in the country, plus a low birth weight with big performance numbers

  • Produces cattle with tremendous volume, muscle and body length

  • Breed leading EPDs with both weaning and yearling weights in the top one percent of the breed.

  • Perfect disposition

LSF Takeover x Beckton Nebula

RAAA Registration#  1683223

Semen Sire - Owned by: Beef Group International, Emerald Earth Cattle Co, Shieldknight Land & Cattle, Henderson Red Angus

  • Profitbuilder is ideal for cattlemen who appreciate performance and carcass quality without sacrificing structure and eye appeal.

  • Profitbuilder owns the Red Angus EPD database with an unmatched set of performance traits and profitability indexes

  • He has a long- body, smooth-made phenotype, sound structure and large testicles

  • The #2 registration sire in the breed in 2018, Profitbuilder progeny have been well received with high selling daughters and sons


WFL Merlin x LSF Prospect

RAAA Registration#  3775477

Semen Sire - Owned by:  Wedel Red Angus, ABS Global, Inc

  • Outcross pedigree with one of the most interesting EPD profiles of any sire in the breed

  • Ranks in the top 1% of the breed for 3 EPD traits or indexes, and top 10% for an additional 5 EPD's

  • Moderate framed, long bodied, good footed individual with an outstanding disposition

PIE Stockman x Andras Fusion

RAAA Registration#  3751659

Semen Sire - Owned by:  Millsprings Ranch, CL Red Angus, Bieber Red Angus

  • An outcross pedigree with an opportunity to make multi-trait improvement and add phenotype in one package.

  • Modest Calving Ease prospect that offers elite maternal value with added performance and growth.

  • He is long-bodied with added depth of rib and excellent feet.

  • Individual ratios of 131 for IMF, 129 for Ribeye and 116 ADG in the Bieber herd

  • One of the best Stockman sons to date and stems from the powerful Adelle cow line